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The Effect On Me by Mint Royale

// bronco .001…omg//

I am sooo in love with the Bronco .001. it’s the bronco 1968 re-imagined with tight specs and super clean details by the rad dudes over at Icon4x4 in Van Nuys.  I mean seriously, for a girl who crushes on macho rides, this one gets all kinds of love! <3 <3 <3

// helmut lang: god status re-affirmation//

helmut lang pre-fall’12 vignettes. <3 praise the lord. instagram photos via @helmutlang :) other photos from

Personal observation: antique shoe making tools look like medieval torture devices. I love it.

// when all else fails, isabel marant. ss12.//

it’s still cold in the early months of spring, but no biggie. i wanna show legs but stay warm. no effort whatsoever.

or maybe i wanna show some more limbs.

i’llgoonadatewithyoubuti’mgonnadresslikeisortofdon’treallycarebutiknowiwillkillyouwith theselegslookandyouaregonnatextmetomorrowcoziwassoawesome look.

feeling fierce look

feeling fierce and fancy and cultural. kind of like a night at the lacma or something.

lace is nice, LA gets really gross hot in the summer look. i would wear my hair up in a bun. long hair down + lace = too much.

date night with mah girls look do whatever i don’t care look. i probably will wear the pants with a plain tee.


my manner of dressing is pretty much dictated by a/the amount of sleep i get b/the amount of energy i have in the morning c/how cold it is in the morning e/how organized my closet is f/how much clean laundry i have. to sum things up, i’m a slaponsomethingandrunoutthedoor kind of girl. i wake up at 6am everyday and commute for 1.5 hours on the 405 each way so no, i do not have the luxury of time. i hold down a full-time job. and i travel a lot. therefore, it’s whatever goes chic for me. anyway, i feel the least prettiest when i’m overdone. i love isabel marant, always have, because everything she makes is effortless and voila, you’re super cute.

this post has nothing to do with shoes. just #shitgirlssay

Happy upbeat song, great style.

Oh, and at 0:12 to your left you’ll see an earlier incarnation of Michael and I…we look just like that couple, even dresses like us. #weird. 

’70s R&B music on blast while sketching boots. I mean…what would I wanna wear struttin’ down the street? That’s what’s gonna end up on paper.

dear los angeles in the “fall and winter months” (snicker):

you are in sunny california. do not stop showing off your legs and never fear color for fall. take cue from the brave european femmes. i mean, duh, it only gets cold when you’re in the shade or when the sun comes down.

love, sam.

Once upon a time when I first got out of school and got my first job working in footwear (I studied apparel but needed a job right away to pay off those expensive student loans), my Italian and Indian leather reps introduced me to mirror leathers. I got excited and wanted to sample a few designs with it, but the rest of the company didn’t know what to do with it (not to mention it was expensive). Sadly, I had to tell Roberto and Anjun to hold off on the material, but spare me some swatches for future reference. At the time, it was too fast, too new, and there wasn’t really anything else trending in apparel where shiny leathers would fit in or make a statement. So it sort of died off. But now it’s back and it looks great, tastefully done I should say, by Alexander Wang via his Devere bag and Fabiana heels.

Here’s my rule with mirror patent leathers or anything super-flat and shiny: texturize-oxidize-break it up, add leather, and incorporate jagged minerals to break up the shine. Don’t make it too perfect…because perfect isn’t so much fun. Contrast is the golden rule.

«Photos from Garance Dore, NYTimes and the internet»

vintage shoe photographs I dug up from the interwebs. mostly from time life. top photo is cj geraldine veronica “gerry” stutz (president of henri bendel), actress modeling some shoes, joan crawford and her shoe collection, nuns, shoe shine in the city, saddle shoes, and shoe shopping.

flashmob at the seine, all dressed in the iconic dvf wrap dress, dancing to “i’m every woman.” what a triumph.

made me so happy!!!

// the so-called life of a shoe designer on the road//

Today was a partial SaturYay. I had to get up early and schlep it to the office in Santa Monica for a weekend powwow with my bosses. I was regaled with stories of how amazing the line looked, and how extremely well buyers reacted (aka order$$$). They were even telling me stories of how spies from big-name competitors snuck in the showroom to sniff out the new line because of all the buzz. I’m glad. I did my job, everyone is happy, and I’m happy. However, the last part of the meeting was about forthcoming travel. They brought up China. In a 45-day time frame I’ve traveled twice to China, 14 day stays each, a total of about 30,000 air miles. I’m a little excited, a little sad.

Let me get real here: working overseas is really life disrupted. You miss family and friends, and being away for long stretches makes it difficult to nurture relationships (*painful*). Wandering around airports make me feel like an orphaned nomad. There’s time difference, and dealing with jet lag. Sleepless nights even after working 12/13/14 hour days. Hotel living, living out of a suitcase, strange food, spending long hours with agents and at the factories…despite the busy schedule and accomplishments that can only be made by being close to working with product, I can tell you first hand that it can get really, oppressingly lonely. Everything I wrote here is not a complaint, but an honest assessment. Maybe my next post can be about how travel to China can be fun (despite all of the loneliness), and I can be honest about that too.

Footwear designer Camilla Skovgaard puts the experience in good perspective:

"My toiletry bag is never unpacked — it’s the kit I function out of even when ‘home.’ So I live mostly in hotels, and very rarely cook. …the most permanent things in my life have been my laptop, travel printer, and office toolbox with pencil case, papers, stapler, puncher, and paper clips and work files…I set up an office wherever I am and go for a run in hotel gyms. It’s only when I am alone at night that I tend to get my own work done…the moment I am at factories, with agents…all days fly by with the teams there." 

«Images: UK Vogue. Skovgaard quote source:»


Note: I still haven’t unpacked my toiletry bag. I’ve had the same one since 2006.

Sexy matte black eyes is my fave look. Go!

<Elle UK Dec 2011.>

SHOTS! Congrats to my great friend and mentor Chai—>he’s now head footwear designer at Chris Burch’s latest lifestyle-focused retail venture, C Wonder! <3 YAY
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